Character Creation


This section outlines the basics of character creation within the Terrene campaign setting. There are quire a few new/custom classes, races, and skills.

Races Classes
Dhampir Barbarian
Dwarf Bard
Gearforged Cleric
Gnome Druid
Half-Elf Fighter
Halfling Monk
Half-Orc Necromancer
Human Paladin
Kenku Ranger
Shardmind Rogue
Tabaxi Sorcerer
Tiefling Warlock

Note: Not every race/class has a link – most of them can be found in the Player’s Handbook. The linked entries are custom therefore you would need to read these pages to learn about them.

Character Creation Rules

Below are the rules and methods that will be used within this campaign for character creation. For more information see also the Variant Rules page.

Ability Scores

You may use either array (15,14,13,12,10,8) or the 27-point buy method to generate your ability scores. Do not use the roll4, drop lowest method.


Approved races are listed on the table above. Dragonborn are not allowed, since dragons do not exist within Terrene.

Back Stories

I will require a descriptive back story for your character. If you need more information on the cities/regions within Terrene see the Regions page or contact the DM for questions.

Starting Equipment

You may start with the basic equipment mentioned in the PHB.


Winged Tiefling variant is not allowed.

Other Resources

If you need help with how to play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, or want more basic information on character building and do not have access to the Player’s Handbook. Use the Basic Rules.

This section is still currently under construction, as more items are being added frequently.
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Character Creation

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