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World Regions
Region Description
Terrene A prehistoric planet that existed thousands of years before 1 DC when Cinnarth and Stellabryn created Terrene. Now home to many races, creatures, and magical things.
Area Regions
Region Description
Utorim The eastern continent of Terrene. Ruled by various warring kingdoms, and filled with thriving cities and villages.
Mortilis The western continent of Terrene. Inhabited by undead and supernatural beasts. This land was once populated with many kingdoms and bustling cities, now overrun by wild plant life and undead creatures.


Utorim Locations
Location Description
Ammath A large city on a peninsula
Andovar Keep The kingdom of Andovar
Athas A town
Bardford A town
Baymount A town
Camarilla The kingdom of Camarilla
Charsbrad Harbor A small harbor town near Mt. Scoria
Damerel A town
Eastmill A village
Elredd A village
Innsgar The kingdom of Innsgar
Iron Falls A village
Kog Darahl The dwarven kingdom of Kog Darahl
Kragskul A small mountain town
Krommanthor The kingdom of Krommanthor
Lunaris A town
Mt. Scoria An active volcano
Myranna A small town north of Mt. Scoria
Oakmug A town
Oberoten A city
Oldwyn A town
Port Chad A small coastal village
Port Gisahl A port on the southern end of Utorm, used for trade routes.
Ravenholde A city
Riverdell A town
River’s End A town near a river
Sabiya The kingdom of Sabiya
Sagus A village
Skargorm A small town on a costal island
Southrend The frozen wasteland on the southern-most tip of the world
Stockhelm The kingdom of Stockhelm
Stormhorne The kingdom of Stormhorne
Sunndi A town
Tarn A city
The EverNorth The frozen mountains of northern Utorim
The Maelstrom A massive storm created by the ascension of a floating island known as the Shaard
The Spine A mountainous landscape long the cost of Mt. Scoria
Underdale A small town on an island, used for trade routes.
Vadsterlanda A bustling town in the Sabiyan Desert
Wayford A small town along the southwestern coast of Utorim
Westwick The kingdom of Westwick
Xi A small oriental village on an island south of Mt. Scoria

Mortilis Locations
Location Description
Barova A ruined castle in the center of the Plague Scars
Cape Nord A small coastal town
Elyria A large city on the north end of Mortilis
Fjörlen A small town guarding the entrance to Staar Lake
Gunthur A small costal town
Herl A large City
Kallwell An ancient ruined city
Lidoria A large wealthy city in Mortilis
Lystora A large ruined castle
Maeyel A small town southwest of the Plague Scars
Nu A small port town on the southern tip of Mortilis
Pearth A small town on the eastern peninsula of Mortilis
Skuld A town
The Broken Isles A group of islands
The Plague Scars Large valleys, home to undead, vampires, and other paranormal monstrosities.
The Uncharted Cold A large snow and ice-covered landmass north of Mortilis
Vistancia A large lake-side town near Staar Lake
Westhearth The western-most city in Mortilis, and the largest city on the continent.

More regions will be added shortly…


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