Forged amongst the gears of Regulus, the Gearforged are automatons made of intricate gears and mechanisms which
form a humanoid body. They march with pride and purpose, ready to undertake any mission or task imaginable

Automations from Mechanus

To understand the Gearforged, one must first understand their origins. Gearforged are created in Mechanus, the plane of absolute law.

Specifically, they are forged by the artisans of the giant gear-city Regulus. The inhabitants of Regulus are creatures of both flesh and machine called modrons which adhere to strict hierarchies and procedures. At the very top of the hierarchy is a deity-like being of incredible power, Primus.

It is through Primus’ blessing that the soul gem contained within a gearforged’s body has been imbued with life, and grants them sentience and will of their own. Many gearforged worship Primus as a deity, but those who have developed a sense of heightened awareness acknowledge that other gods are just as (if not more) powerful than their beloved leader.

Voicing such an outlandish opinion within Mechanus is unheard of – in fact, voicing any kind of opinion is a rarity in itself. The gearforged are unique in that they have a degree of free agency which modrons do not, in order to have such opinions at all.

Achieving Self-Awareness

Gearforged are not created with an intrisic sense of self, and many of them do not develop emotions or opinions, nor feel a desire to leave the structured ranks of Mechanus.

It remains a mystery why some achieve true self-awareness, but regardless of the reasons, each one finds themself in a unique position – one that does not fit within the grand machine of Regulus.

At the centre of Regulus is the Modron cathedral. Amongst it’s incredible array of capabilities, this vast complex structure is capable of teleportation to other planes of existence.

Gearforged who resolve to leave Regulus make the journey to the cathedral to start their lives anew, leaving the structured order of Mechanus behind in favor of freedom. The journey often marks the ending of their old life, and the memory of those times are archived and isolated deep within their memory gears.

Made for Purpose

Despite having a will of their own, gearforged require a purpose, no matter how great or small. The gearforged apply the one of three skillsets that were granted to them at their creation to the problems they encounter.

The ‘Guardian’ gearforged are purpose built for combat and protection, and often find themselves marching under the banner of organised military outfits or mercenary guilds.

‘Calculator’ gearforged make phenomenal sources of information after long sessions in the libraries, and tend to spend their time in the service of mages and scholars, often developing magical skills of their own.

Finally, the ‘Reconstructor’ gearforged have advanced understanding of modron repair. Due to the nature of modrons, being made from both flesh and metal, they are able to apply their understanding to fully organic organisms with varying degrees of success.

Integration Into The Mortal Realm

Over time, gearforged have begun to find a new home amongst the inhabitants of the material plane. Their presence is usually met with apprehension, but their machine-like logic and neutral stance on most matters means that their actions are neither met with strong feelings one way or another.

Most people prefer not to address them altogether, finding their lack of understanding social norms to be unnerving.

Some artisans and tinkerers have dedicated years of study into understanding the construction of gearforged.
Rudimentary understanding of these constructs and how to repair them is commonplace amongst artisans and smiths, but the intricacies of their more complicated parts still represent decades of further study to fully understand.

Gearforged Names

Many gearforged name themselves based on their favourite item, task, process or concept – others adopt names given to them by people they meet in their travels. A gearforged will often take great pride in their name, as in their early life, it is one of the very few decisions they get to make for themselves.

Gearforged Names: Apex, Apothem, Euclid, Helix, Hyperbola, Omicron, Parabola, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Vector.
Adopted Names: Azimov, Klang, Metalbeard, Oritor, Rusty, Steelback, Sterling, Tracker.


Gearforged Traits

Your gearforged character will have similar traits to many other gearforged, but each one will have differences depending on their purpose.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. The maximum age of a gearforged has yet to be determined. A gearforged can theoretically live forever, assuming proper maintenance of their gears and technical systems. Gearforged are capable of performing remedial maintenance on themselves, but sometimes require the assistance of master artisans to fix more complex parts.
Alignment. Gearforged who have not yet broken their programming are always lawful neutral, however, those who have broken free of their subroutines are free to write new programming for themselves at will. For this reason, most gearforged are neutral, making their decisions based on the current situation. Gearforged that have decided to live amongst a community may have chosen to program themselves to adhere to the basic rules and tenets of a prevalent institution, and this may impact their alignment.
Size. Gearforged are slightly taller and broader than an average human. Your size is medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Living Construct. Even though you were constructed, you are a living creature. You are immune to disease. You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish. Instead of sleeping, you must perform maintenance on yourself for 4 hours each day. You have disadvantage on perception checks whilst performing this maintenance.
Armor Plating. You construction incorporates metals and other resistant materials, granting you a +1 bonus to Armor Class.
Due to your unique construction, you are not able to wear traditional non-magical armor. Your armor is always in the form of metal plating of varying degrees as represented by the armor table. For example, leather armor would actually look like lightweight plating which allows you freedom of movement granted by light armor.
Your armor must be fitted onto you by someone proficient in smith’s tools. Fitting new armor plating takes 8 hours of work and costs 25% more than the armor’s base price. At character creation, you start with fitted armor plating of a quality as granted by your class’ starting equipment.
This trait does not inhibit your ability to attune to and equip magical items as normal, or wear clothes for the sake of your appearance.
Flesh of Steel. When a spell or potion causes you to regain hit points, you only regain half that amount.
Rapid Reconstruction. You are built with internal repair mechanisms. On your turn as a bonus action, you can choose to spend one of your hit dice to recover hit points. At 11th level, you can choose to spend an additional hit die when you take this bonus action.
Languages. You can speak, read and write Common and Binary. Binary is a language shared between automatons and other beings of Mechanus. Gearforged would argue that binary is the purest form of language. When spoken, it manifests as a sequence of buzzes and clicks. The written form adheres to no common script and consists of a sequence of either zeros and ones, or any applicable substitute.
Subraces. Gearforged are usually built for a purpose, usually either to protect, calculate or repair. These subraces represent the different kinds of gearforged.

Gearforged Guardian

A guardian’s purpose is exactly that. They guard. Usually free agents of law, these gearforged are made with the purpose of handling most situations outside of expected variables. They are equipped to handle any combat situation imaginable (within the constraints of several imagination guidelines.)
The wardens of the gate-town, Automata, were amongst the first gearforged to be made. They were born out of the requirement to handle the unpredictability of ‘visitor’ races.
Ability Score Increase. Your strength score increases by 1
Guardian Programming. You grant +1 AC to allies within 5ft of you against creatures who are also within 5ft of you.
Hydraulic Strength. You have advantage on strength checks and saving throws. Additionally, your carry capacity is increased by 100 lbs, and your push, pull and lift capacity is increased by 200 lbs.

Gearforged Calculator

Calculators are nothing short of intellectual excellence. Their complex machinery allows them to make snap decisions in extreme pressure situations. Their memory gears are vast and seemingly endless.
Their duties in Regulus include completing the most complex calculations that fry the synthetic brains of their lesser modron kin.
Ability Score Increase. Your intelligence score increases by 1
Accelerated Memory Gears. You have advantage on Intelligence (History) checks to recall information. Additionally, gaining proficiency in a new skill, tool or language takes half as long as it usually would.
Shielded Processor. You gain +2 to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma saving throws.

Gearforged Reconstructor

The reconstructors of mechanus are entrusted with the task of repairing the most important modrons as well as other gearforged. Where most modrons spend their time on simple maintenance of the gears of regulus, reconstructors are able to handle much more complicated procedures. have They have an advanced understanding of both machinery and flesh, viewing both as one in the same.
Ability Score Increase. Your wisdom score increases by 1
Medical Engineer. You gain proficiency in tinker’s tools and medicine.
Enhanced Actuators. Your base walking speed is increased by 5 ft and you gain +2 to dexterity saving throws.

Gearforged Augments

Each gearforged is built with customised parts depending on their purpose, these parts are unique to your construction.
Your character at creation may choose 1 major augment and 4 minor augments. These augmentations to your body are permanent and cannot be changed.

Major Augments

Pre-loaded Memory Gears

Your installed memory gears at construction included additional information. You gain proficiency with 1 skill or language of your choice.

Robust Construction

Your construction has been made with durability from the elements in mind. Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and increases by 1 every time you gain a level.

Minor Augments

Concealed Weapon

Your preferred arm conceals a hidden blade. This blade acts as a dagger and deals 1d4 piercing damage.
If you are searched, it is a DC15 perception check to find this weapon.

Digit Igniter

You have a small device in a fingertip which allows you to produce a tiny flame. This emits a light for 5ft, and dim light for a further 5ft.
You can use this flame to set a flammable item or liquid (that is not being held or worn by a creature) on fire.

Emergency-Repair Mechanism

You have been built with an automated emergency repair system which activates when your body fails you.
When you are unconscious and roll three successful death saving throws, you regain 1 hit point and become conscious.
Should you become stable by any other means, but are still unconscious, you continue to roll death saving throws but record your successes only for the purposes of this augment. This augment does not work if you body is damaged beyond repair, and can only be used once per long rest.

Hidden Compartment

Somewhere on your body is a hidden compartment. This compartment can hold small items such as a scroll, a purse of coins or gems, or 20 pieces of ammunition.
If you are searched, it is a DC20 perception check to find this compartment as it fits seamlessly on your body. In order to palm an object and hide it in the compartment, you must make an opposed sleight of hand vs perception check first to do so unnoticed.

Illuminated Vision

You may make your eyes shine brightly, allowing you and your allies to see in dark places.
This augment creates a cone of bright light wherever you are looking for up to 30ft, and dim light for a further 30ft.

Integrated Tinker’s Tools

You have tinker’s tools integrated into your wrists. If you are searched, it is a DC20 perception check to find these tools, but even if they are found, it is impossible to remove them as they are part of your body.
You may use these tinker’s tools to perform medicine checks on yourself or other constructs to repair, safely dismantle, or perform other specilist tasks.

Liquid Filtration Tanks

You have a two visible storage tanks on your body. You may fill a liquid tank with 1 gallon of any liquid, corrosive or not. If you fill a tank with water, the tank is able to filter the water from foreign contaminants over the course of 1 hour and becomes safe to drink. A full tank weighs 10 lbs each. These tanks do not detach from your body, but you may decant them into other containers.

Phonograph Cylinder

You have an in-built recording mechanism which records the last 30 seconds of sound you have heard.
As an action, you can choose any section of sound and archive it to your memory gears. You are not able to isolate one sound from another.
At any time, you may choose to replicate any archived sound you have heard.

Pneumatic Legs

You are able to charge your legs with compressed air for controlled bursts of kinetic energy.
You do not suffer the penalties imposed when making any jump without a running start and you are able to use your kicks as improvised weapons.
Additionally, you are able to fall an additional 10ft before you take falling damage.

Specialist Data Bank

Your memory gears include a repository of data about a specific subject, this data was relevant to your purpose in Mechanus. Work with your DM and choose a specialist subject. (Examples of a specialist subject could be a creature type, a specific race, a time in history, or another plane of existence) You gain advantage on ability checks to recall information regarding your specialist subject.

Artificial Resurrection

Should a gearforged’s body become devastated beyond repair, recovery of it’s soul gem grants a last hope for a gearforged to continue their life.
If the soul gem is placed into a new gearforged body and a resurrection spell is used upon it, the gearforged may resume living in the new body.
If the gearforged’s memory gears were not recovered, it loses it’s memory and will only have vague recollections of its experiences.
The source of the resurrecting magic may come from any source, however, only a gearforged reconstructor or master modron artisan is able to complete the delicate physical procedure required for this kind of resurrection.


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