Travels around Terrene may cause side effects: decapitation, loss of limb, pit traps, spike traps, all sorts of traps, as well as the occasional phantasmal creature encounter. Other side effects may include but are not limited to, sudden rushes of joy, overbearing fear of your DM, a hungry sense of adventure, and you may actually have some fun.



Hail and well met, traveller! Welcome to a world of magic and adventure. Terrene was written and created by Rob H. (Vishera.) Terrene was originally a homebrew Pathfinder campaign setting, and recently converted over to D&D 5th edition. A vast amount of the content in this book has been carried over from D&D 5e’s Forgotten Realms settings, such as factions, deities, magic, etc. Although there has been a considerable amount of custom content added to this world. Many of the basic rules and sciences from Forgotten Realms still apply within Terrene – along with some added bonuses.

We play using a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) environment known as Fantasy Grounds. The DM holds an Ultimate Licenses, therefore all players aren’t required to pay a subscription to use FG. We also live stream the games on our channel.

About the Campaign

The world of Terrene utilizes a custom world map along with its own politics, religions, and timeline.


Cinnarth the Black, and Stellabryn the White were once two celestial dragon gods that created the world of Terrene. Stellabryn the White – creator of worlds, created all the living things that walked the lands, swam in the seas and flew in the skies. Cinnarth the Black – destroyer of all things, gave free will to man, allowing them to create their own destinies and seal their own fates.

Man began to worship the two dragons, as the world was at peace and all things lived in harmony. Over time, man began to wage wars with one-another. Great wars were fought over territories, religions, and power. No matter what battles were won, man was never satiated. They began hunting down dragons as a symbol of immortality and power. The two dragon-gods began to lose faith in humanity and decided to leave them to their own destruction.


Legend has it that Cinnarth and Stellabryn gathered their dragon-kin to a central location on a massive island. They combined their powers to ascend the great landmass into the skies, leaving a massive storm below known as the Maelstrom. This never-ending storm’s great fury has kept intruders from entering the floating island. All the dragons of the world were said to remain on this island, never to be seen again by mankind. Lore became legend, legend became myth – as mankind began to lose belief in dragons all together. Nobody has seen so much as a sign of a dragon in many centuries. It is said that dragons have gone extinct or left the world all together.


Terrene Vishera